Hastings Westhill Show Results

Winners in Bold

Joshua Jarvis (West Ham) W UNAN Vs Archie Fuller (Hastings Westhill)

Tom Cranston (Hockley) Vs Gus Sully (Hastings Westhill) W UNAN

Frankie Coyle (West Ham) W SPLIT Vs Ben Moore (Hastings Westhill)

Ronnie Simpson (Hockley) Vs Liam Holden (Hastings Westhill) W UNAN

Roman Palmer (West Ham) W RSC 3 Vs Rhys O’Grady (Hastings Westhill)

Paddy Hanrahan (Rayne) W SPLIT Vs Danny Bull (Hastings Westhill)

Henry Johnson (Bulmershe) W SPLIT Vs Harry Burton (Hastings Westhill)

Ben Brooke (Hockley) W SPLIT Vs Charlie Mason (Bognor)

Fynlie Judd (Legacy) W DISQ Vs Billy Treeby (Hastings Westhill) 

Benjamin Chetry (Maidstone Gurkhas) Vs Sonny Parkinson (Hillcrest) W UNAN

Curtis Tarrant (Legacy) Vs Lukas Andriunvicius (Bognor) W UNAN

Luke Brooke (Hockley) W SPLIT Vs William Badrock (Hastings Westhill)

Scott Mcgovern (Battlebridge) W SPLIT Vs Jack Cronin (Hastings Westhill)

Danny Motton (St. Mary’s) W SPLIT Vs Tando Dwyer (Brighton & Hove)

Mark Butler (Hillcrest) W UNAN Vs Brandon Davies (Hastings Westhill)

Thanos Katsadonis W SPLIT Vs Omid Raouf (University of Kent)

Edward Harradine (Battlebridge) W UNAN Vs Liam Forrest (Moulescoombe)


Well done to all boxers, coaches, support staff, supporters and officials in attendance.


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