St. Gerard’s Show Results

St. Gerards Saturday the 25th of February, winners in BOLD

Skills contest….Dan Blunden St.Gerards v Jack Gibbs Tadley

Bout 1..Harrison Bullen..St.Gerards..lost points.V JAKE MABB…Bexhill

Bout 2..FREDDIE HAYES..St.Gerards..won points v Byron Jones Crawley.

Bout 3..Dennis Hayes..St.Gerards..lost rsc v CHARLIE GOODRIDGE..Battlebridge.

Bout 4..BALRAJ KHARA..Westside..won points ..V..River Boam..Moneyfields.

Bout 5..CHRIS JAMES..St.Gerards..won points..V..George Porter..St.Gerards.

Bout 6..SHAWN THOMPSON..St.Gerards..won points..V..Max Olive Canterbury.

Bout 7..XAVIER SOUTHERTON..St.Gerards..won points..V..Mubanga Chisanga..Eastbourne.

Bout 8..MICHAEL BROWN..Titchfield..won points..v..Rafiqul Khan..Bexhill.

Cracking nights boxing some close split decisions that will defo go again…good refereeing by Kenny and Darin,many thanks to all the officials,coaches.boxers and supporters……………….Peace be with you all – Gerry.

Pictured – Shawn ‘Helium-filled’ Thompson celebrates his win by violating the laws of gravity.


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