Southern Counties Squad Report

The Southern Counties Senior Elite Males Squads – ‘A great success!’

On Sunday 29th January, the regional coach Chris Daley hosted his first Southern Counties squad at the Army boxing gym HQ, Aldershot.

Supported by a team of coaches from across the region, 40 boxers attended to be put through their paces in evaluation for the forthcoming rep match versus an Irish select.

England Talent Pathways Lead Coach Micky Driscoll started the squads with a seminar on the thinking and problem solving boxer. An invaluable part of the squad, really challenging the boxers to think about how they train and how to get better results in what they do.

The boxers were then split in to groups of 5 to train in tech spars, interval training, shadow boxing, pads and phased attacks.

Chris commented, ‘There is some amazing talent in the southern counties, so it’s important we all work together to give them all the best opportunities to progress and learn from the team we have. I was so happy with how the coaches pulled together to deliver their expertise, thank you to all the boxers and coaches as well as the Army for allowing us to use their amazing facility. Plans are now afoot to host more squads.’

Feedback was collected from the coaches throughout and fed back to the club coaches via email afterwards to ensure this is a collective effort in supporting the boxers. The boxers were also asked to complete a ‘performance profile’ to gage their current skills levels technically and to goal set for one aspect they need to focus on between now and the next squads. This will ensure continuity between squads.

A tremendous day, with exciting times ahead for our illustrious region!

In the words of Paddy Harmey, ‘see you soon amigos!’


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