Eastbourne Show Results

eastbourne-logoResults from Eastbourne Boxing Club Show – Saturday 17th December

Daniel Legg (Eastbourne) vs Robinson (Surbiton) skills bout

Lucy Apps (Hastings Westhill) vs Abigail Wawman (St Gerards) WPTS

Vinny Fudger (Eastbourne) vs Albert Joe Smith (Guildford) WPTS

Kyle Knight (Eastbourne) vs Dino Frederico (Odyssey) WPTS

Callum Lucas (Eastbourne) WPTS vs Kian Taylor (Westree)

Callum Brown (Eastbourne) WPTS vs Gytis Andriunvicius (Bognor)

Brandon Davies (Hastings Westhill) WPTS vs Youssef Khoumari (IQ)

Dan Pert (Eastbourne) vs Pardis Zalmay (Surbiton) WPTS

Carrie Roberts (R.E.M.E) WPTS vs Lucy Peacock (Moulescoomb)

Harvey Dykes (Whitehawk) WPTS vs Harry Matlock (Horsham)

Terry Krubu (Solent Uni) vs Harley Colwell Levene (Fishersgate) WPTS

Mubanga Chisnaga (Eastbourne) vs Glynn Davies (Whiehawk) WPTS

Thanks to all the clubs, boxers, coaches, officials and supporters.


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