Facial Hair in Boxing


Following a review of its policies and rules and in light of the strategy and overall aims to be more inclusive, England Boxing have confirmed that they will remove the rule preventing people with facial hair competing in the sport from its rule book for the new season which starts on 1st June.

The following is a reminder to all Referees, Judges, Supervisors and Association Secretaries.

This is NOT an option and must be adhered to.

Safety remains paramount and that as stated in Rule 9.5.1 concerning hair in general, any hair should not affect the conduct of the bout and that the prohibited items for hair control including hairpins, clips, or any devices made of metal, plastic or other hard material considered inappropriate by the referee or supervisor would also apply to facial hair.

For the avoidance of doubt stubble is also permitted.

The Board of Directors approved the change of rule for England Boxing at domestic level only as part of its aims to fully embrace inclusivity in the sport.

For and on behalf of England Boxing

Technical Rules and Referees & Judges


Mick Budden

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