Eastbourne Show Results 18/03/17

Another Great Show at Eastbourne with 17 bouts.

Thanks to all in attendance.

Results – Click below….

Red Club V Blue Club
Brad Belcher (skills) Bexhill   Jude Watkins (skills) Crawley
Daniel Legg (skills) Eastbourne   Ben Abbot (skills) Winchester
Callum Lucas Eastbourne   Kian Taylor WPTS Westree
Charlie Mason Bognor   Frazer Hadaway WPTS Turner’s
Jake Mabb Bexhill   Jamie Kimble WRSC Westside
Callum Brown Eastbourne   Dylan Hewett WPTS Rusthalls
Gytis Adriunavicius Bognor   Sam Boore WPTS B&H
Eden Maitland (Chp) Hillcrest   Mark Butler (chp) WPTS Hillcrest
Adrianne Phebey Eastbourne   Nina Smith WPTS Chadwell St.Marys
Jim Stevens Phoenix   Josh Jacobs WPTS Aldershot
Chris Matthews WRSC Eastbourne   Jordan James Odyssey
Harrison Dent Rusthalls   Darren Hendry WPTS Aldershot
Mubanga Chisanga WPTS Eastbourne   Patrick Gill Westside
Taran Willet WPTS Westside   Tom Welch B&H
Kirk Souter WPTS Phoenix   Jack Hewitt Canterbury
Dan Pert WRSC Eastbourne   Tyler Jones Hastings Westhill
Harley Colwell-Lavene WPTS Fishersgate   Jack Davies East Brighton


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