Boxer Profiles – Abigail ‘Wonder’ Wawman

Here’s one to keep tabs on. The talented young boxer speaks to

Boxer’s Name

 Abigail ‘Wonder’ Wawman




 St. Gerard’s




2 bouts, 2 wins, 0 losses

When and why did you start boxing?

Started age 16 in order to improve my punches originally for Taekwondo, however enjoyed the different challenge therefore decided to compete in boxing.

What are your boxing goals?

My goals are to develop as a boxer, and to enter a senior novice championship next season once I turn 18. Any further achievement is a bonus for me at this stage!

Who is your Boxing idol?

Nicola Adams is my boxing idol as she represented GB in the Olympics and has won the Olympics twice and is now going on to become pro. This was an inspiration for me as she boxes at a similar weight class to me.

Any advice to young boxers looking to take up boxing?

Boxing has helped me develop inside and outside the ring, by giving me more confidence in myself and has improved my fitness and provided lots of opportunity to achieve and develop. Therefore my advice to young boxers is to work hard at your club and in your free time, in order to achieve your full potential.

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