1. Adam haniver is an amazing course holder. His personality and humour is perfect for this course. It makes listening and learning much easyer. His skills and movements allso makes him believable and proffetional. He will be taken seriously, he should be doing level 1 and 2 and 3 courses full time. Pete

    • Thanks for your feedback, Peter. Hope the new gym is going well. Seems to be coming together well. And your female boxer looks tough!

  2. I like that, I think all coaches could improve their service to their boxers by helping them make their own decisions, a powerful tool. Here’s a “lightly connected” story. I had a 60kg 1st bout lad 12 years old on at a dinner show last year. I was cornering him and had trained in the gym for 1 1/2 years with this lad. After the 1st round I returned to my stool only to have a disgruntled chap on a table behind me shout “Oi coach, how about a bit more direction for your boxer, shout, tell him what you want him to do”. I didn’t react during the bout, instead I stopped by his table on the way out and suggested the following.
    “I’ve trained this lad for 18 months and he’s up there because I believe he is capable to box. What on earth can I teach him in the first minute and a half during his first bout that I haven’t already taught him in the gym. When the time is right brief instructions are given, Otherwise thanks for your advice mate” I walked away and realised I never did ask him if he was ever a boxer………. Maybe not. Of course we all call instructions but seriously, with our own boxing experiences considered you make decisions in the moment and then take advice in the corner between rounds.
    Coaches build relationships based on trust and know their boxers abilities, this should include the boxer being able to make choices by themselves. A valuable course I’d suggest.

    • Completely agree mate. It’s the scenario of give them bread……teach them to bake….. If a coach is bellowing every 2 seconds during a bout, perhaps the communication between them and their boxer wasn’t clear in the gym? as you say, small meaningful prompts which the boxer understands is vital. Thanks for the feedback mate and good luck with your show in Feb.

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