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I spotted this online. The guy is a Rugby S@C coach, and to a very high standard. I’ve had the conversation many times with people about how to develop speed. In reality there isn’t a huge amount we can do to increase speed as a lot of it is genetic (amount of fast twitch muscle fibre percentages compares to slow etc).

But we can control efficiency of movement and mechanics of how a boxer moves and punches. Is the boxer tense and stiff? Are they tensing accelerating and decelerating muscles at the same time, effectively having a game of tug o’ war as they strike!?

Technique refining is a great way to increase speed. Listen to this guy’s analogy regarding the nervous system. Some great stuff to think about for your boxers or for yourself as a boxer. Here’s the link…..

Crash Course Part 3

Pictured below – one of the fastest boxers ever, Meldrick Taylor.



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