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Following a meeting of the newly formed England Boxing Coaching Subcommittee, please see below for clarification around a number of key issues affecting clubs and coaches.

  1. Level 1 eligibility

It is not necessary to be a member of England Boxing, nor to belong to an England Boxing registered club, to undertake a Level 1 coaching course.

However, no certificate will be issued to those passing the course until they have activated their qualification, by registering on the Vault as a member of an England Boxing affiliated club. As for all coaches, valid proof of First Aid, DBS and Safeguarding clearance will be required. Registration must be completed within 12 months from the date of passing the course, or it must be re-taken.

  1. Level 1 continuing professional development (‘Refreshers’)

There is no formal requirement for any England Boxing coach to progress beyond Level 1, as long as their qualification is regularly refreshed to take account of developments in the sport.

Individuals holding a current Level 1 qualification must update this every three years, from the date of certificate issue. For the 2017-18 season onwards it will be possible to do this online. Alternatively, those who so prefer will be able to attend a one-day refresher course.

We are aware that some coaches are unable to prove, through circumstances beyond their control, that their Level 1 was undertaken within the last three years. Such individuals will be given the opportunity to attend a one-day course assessed by an England Boxing Internal Verifier to confirm their qualification and receive their documentation.

Further details on all options will be published in the New Year.

  1. Levels 2 and 3 – membership consultation

A Working Group is currently drafting the content and assessment criteria for the new England Boxing Level 2 course, which will be launched on 1st September 2017. Simultaneously this Working Group is tasked to develop Level 3, which will be a modular course, and for which individual modules will be launched and rolled out as soon they are finalised.

England Boxing would like to involve the wider membership in this process, and to benefit especially from the wealth of experience and expertise possessed by our coaches nationwide.

A brief Survey will shortly be published, via the Vault and posted on the EB website and social media, and we hope as many people as possible will respond. If you are interested in contributing to the tasks of the Working Group, please contact Tom Gilbert in the first instance. All expressions of interest will be registered, and constructive involvement most welcome.


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