Horsham show results

Horsham Boxing Club hosted it’s annual show at the Holbrook Club on Saturday the 19th November and it turned into another classic!

A great attendance again of over 400 offered fantastic support through all the bouts which were all well matched and even bouts with most going to a split decision.
Below are the results – Horsham would like to extend their thanks to all the clubs that came and supported and look forward to reciprocating through the rest of the season!
Tom Creasey Horsham vs Patrick Devlin Bulmershe skills (high energy bout from both lads)
Max Cole Horsham George Wood E.Brighton
Max Cole, coach Lees son – won a split decision to a game lad from EB
Josh Mercer Horsham Sam McKeowen Moneyfield
Mercer losing a very close split – thought he did enough to win – rematch agreed next Saturday – good bout
Harvey Divall Horsham Harrison Chamberlain Lawrence
Chamberlain winning a split win – both lads giving it their all
Zach Horsham Adil Khan Pound for Pound
Anopther one I thought went the other way but very close and arguments for both boxers in their first bouts. Khan a split winner.
Jeter Berte Horsham Claudia Buda Stonebridge
Berte sureving a first round knock down to come back and win over the trhree rounds
Simon Bayliss Horsham Usamah Mahood Bulmershe
High Energy but messy bout saw Mahood take the win
Ryan Thorpe Horsham Jake Sudbury Sandwich
A rematch from last season where Sudbury won saw the reverse on a split – Thorpe doing enough to take the victory.
Harry Mattock Horsham Ben Cutts Bexhill
Heavweight bout which swung both ways but a uni points win for the taller Cutts
Sam McCelland horsham Magda Olsztynska Banbury
Two quality boxers – another great bout the Banbury boxer winning our in another close one.
Phil Willis Horsham Olly Rix Pound for Pound
Willis showing real heart and toughness to take the win against a tough southpaw.
Paul Clarke Horsham Andre Dascula Stonebridge
Much more experienced Dascula showing his quality but never hurting the durable and strong Clarke. points win to Stonebridge.
Chalres L’Marr L French Dynamo Mardana Walker Stonebridge
Heavyweight bout – Walker taking the win.
Luke Stevens Guildford Jordan Holoway Lawrence
Rahim Karim Manji Dynamo Daniel Allstone Phoenix
Report from Dan Purchase. Afraid Dan didn’t see or catch results! – but both points. Please call us to fill us in so we can edit this in, guys.

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