Sonny Parkinson – Regional NABGC’s Champion.

Hillcrest ABC’s Light-welterweight Sonny Parkinson was crowned the NABGC’s Southern Counties Champion on Friday 4th November on the St. Mary’s show.
It was an excellent display versus the more experienced and acclaimed Fisher’s Kanishka Amiry.
“I knew he was going to be a strong fighter so I had to rely on my boxing skills. It was a very intense bout as I was always moving, I gave him a standing 8 in the second round when I landed a good left hook and followed it up with short inside work. I knew i had done enough and won on a split.”
This follows an excellent stoppage victory of St Mary’s’ Danny Sanders the week before.
Well done Sonny and Hillcrest, keep up the good work and best of luck for the next round!

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